Selected Works

A missing friend, two abandoned tykes, Argentians, liars, SUV-driving suburbanites, and a floater. Ronnie figures it out, but it's not what you think.

"An engaging mystery with an appealingly cheeky heroine, brash humor, and plenty of unexpected twists." -Booklist

"Ventana is just as hard-boiled, softhearted and witty a sleuth as crime fiction's leading ladies, Kinsey Milhone and V.I. Warshawski, and she has a slight edge on them thanks to a legacy from her society thief (!) parents: she can pick a lock faster than Saint and Raffles combined." - Los Angeles Times Book Review (Dick Lochte)
"White's crackling new Ronnie Ventana mystery gets off to a fast start ... White keeps us guessing ...[and] keeps the pages turning." - San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle

"In this fast-paced adventure, White's lively and redoubtable sleuth makes splendid company..." -Publishers Weekly

"The satisfying momentum never flags from this first novel's opening moment ..." -Publishers Weekly


She's a burglar's daughter--and a first-rate P.I. ... And if the tools of Veronica 'Ronnie' Ventana's trade include a Ph.D. in lockpicking, thank her parents, the infamous Ventanas, who made cat burglary a class act.

It's 3:30 A.M. when Bink Hanover bursts into Ronnie's apartment reeking of liquor and fear. Outside are four Uzi-toting thugs and a femme fatale who have chased him to her door. Before you can say "safe house," Ronnie recruits Blackie Coogan, ex-boxer and over-the-hill P.I. Then she's off to find the woman Bink calls the "Black Widow," whose string of well-connected lovers have all come into sudden riches--and sudden death. It's a crime. And now Ronnie is bull's-eye in a nasty high-stakes game. From San Francisco's bedrooms to its boardrooms, she's racing to catch a killer--before the killer catches her.

"WHITE AT HER BEST: fast-paced and tightly written .... a likable and down-to-earth character." -San Francisco Chronicle

"WHITE HITS THE MARK." -Drood Review of Mystery

"A likable new detective...Ventana is COMPLEX AND CHARMING." -Cape Cod Times